From the Editor


Wonder women

  • ryan-smith
  • May 18 2015
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I love strong Jewish women. You could say it started with one named Betty Lou Munk — I call her “Mom” — who ... Read More

Around Town


Gathering May 2015

  • virginia-isaad
  • May 18 2015
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[1] Oscar-nominated actor JAMES FRANCO brought his star power to Cal State Northridge’s Big Lecture series, where ... Read More



“UnREAL” actress Shiri Appleby chats about Jewish influences and growing up on set

  • gerri-miller
  • May 26 2015
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It may sound surprising coming from someone who’s been acting on TV since she was a child, but Shiri Appleby ... Read More

Dining In


Potluck gold: A family steps up to the plate for mother’s day

  • judy-zeidler
  • May 18 2015
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Mother’s Day is the traditional celebration honoring all the mothers in the family, as well as motherhood, maternal ... Read More

Tribe Life


Gifts of the milky way

  • julie-bien
  • May 18 2015
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Shavuot begins the evening of May 23 and marks the giving of the Torah to Moses. Inspired by the tradition of eating ... Read More