If the early winter months are getting you down, gather your nearest and dearest for an indoor night of fun. A needlepoint backgammon board in bright colors adds a sophisticated pop of color to your coffee table and works your strategizing muscles. Plowed through your Netflix queue? Bring out the Rummikub and play for gelt. No matter how or where you choose to play, we’ve got you covered for the holidays and those chilly months ahead.

Shades of aqua, navy and forest green, as well as a pair of candy-apple red dice grace the needlepoint surface of Jonathan Adler’s Backgammon Set ($295). The entire set is encased in clean white acrylic with blue and white game pieces. Backgammon, a favorite Middle Eastern game designed for two players, can easily be played while sipping hot cocoa with a friend.jonathanadler.com
jacobs ladder
Every child should have a chance to play with Jacob’s Ladder ($4.95). The popular wooden folk toy has amused children and adults for generations. The toy is made of cascading blocks held together with brightly colored ribbons and is named after the biblical ladder mentioned in Genesis. shop.thejewishmuseum.org
arcade game
No need to head to a pizza parlor or movie theater arcade to play the most beloved of all arcade games. The 30th Anniversary Authentic Pac-Man Arcade Cocktail Table ($3,500) from Hammacher Schlemmer is the perfect addition to your game room. The console has a 19-inch LCD screen as well as historically accurate vintage graphics. The table has 12 iconic games that can be played, including Galaxian and Dig Dug. hammacher.com
papercat folding figures
Teach your daughter about women all over the world with PaperCat Folding Figures — Dolls of the World ($24.90). The three dolls are dressed in traditional garb, and the accompanying booklet regales the reader with short stories and traditions from each of the dolls’ homeland. animicausa.com
accordion book
Kids of all ages, rejoice! There is now a game in which throwing balls inside the house is perfectly acceptable. The Indoor BoHo Bocce Game by Uncommon Goods ($110) includes wool-felt balls that come nestled in a wooden basket along with a measuring string and instructions. This ancient game of skill (it was started by the Egyptians) has been played by commoners and royalty alike. It’s time you joined in on the fun. uncommongoods.com
Based on the traditional Middle Eastern game Okey, Rummikub ($17.95) has been played worldwide since the 1930s. This Israeli tile-based strategy game is similar to the card game rummy — instead of trying to get rid of all of your cards before your opponents do, you try to get rid of your colored tiles. boardgamegeek.com boardgamegeek.com