If your tweenage girl yearns to be a miniature adult, let her address her growing need for self-expression by letting her decorate her bedroom with child-friendly furniture that’s big-kid cool. Modern shapes, funky textures and bright colors can add a touch of hipster flair to your daughter’s living space.

c. jere tree
The next time your tween asks for a pet, surprise her with the ECO DOG ($37.99) by Animi Causa. At just over 1 foot long and 9 inches high, the laser-cut cardboard canine is the perfect bedroom companion. The dog is made from recycled cardboard and can be painted any color to match the surrounding décor — or leave the dog au naturale to keep the look eco-chic. animicausa.com
Your tween might think stuffed animals are passé, but give her a RECYCLED ANIMAL PILLOW ($50), and she may change her mind. Functional, fun and perfect for cuddling, the pillows are made from reclaimed fabric from a high-end women’s apparel store that went out of business. Because of the limited quantities of each type of fabric, each pillow is unique — just like your kid. uncommongoods.com
The TEL AVIV GRAFFITI CLOCK ($39) by Ofek Wertman is not only totally hip, but it captures the zeitgeist of modern Tel Avivian youth. The face of this aluminum clock is overlaid with photos of graffiti in Tel Aviv. Although your preteen might not yet understand the political overtones, she will appreciate the wow factor. moderntribe.com
The ORGANIZED READER’S BOOKSTAND ($199.95) is made from birch veneer with a mahogany finish. The stand is a pint-sized solution to your child’s growing collection of various magazines, iPads and textbooks. It fits snugly next to the chair in the reading corner or works equally well as a nightstand, and the six shelves offer plenty of space to store odds and ends, and yes, even a book or two. hammacherschlemmer.com
accordion book
As part of Jonathan Adler’s first child-centric collection, the JUNIOR TEMPLETON CHAIR ($995 to $1,295) captures the modern charm that makes adults swoon over the designer. At just over 2 feet high and 2 feet deep, you might be jealous that only your tween has the luxury of curling up in it. (Don’t worry — there’s one in your size as well.) jonathanadler.com