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Companions on a Lonely Journey to Recovery

Breast Cancer Resource Center, staffed by cancer survivors, aids patients with emotional healing during an uncertain time When Susan Kapadia was ...
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There’s an (Israeli) App for That

Israel is home to some of the biggest technology innovators in the world. It’s where the world’s first solar window was invented, as well as ...
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Alternate Routes to Rooting Out Depression

The approach of Thanksgiving and Chanukah can be the best and worst of times for some people. For those who struggle with depression, the holiday ...
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Get in Gear

Weigh in on these workout and nutrition essentials to help shape the way you think about this summer's fitness goals   1] When your workout ...
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Push Comes to Shove

  Krav Maga is surging in popularity among fitness fanatics and fighters alike. But the nearly century-old street-fighting technique isn't ...
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