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How to Jew: Presents for Passover?

Above: The bracelet the author gave to his wife for Passover. Photo by Edmon J. Rodman What do we wear to celebrate the Exodus from Egypt? ...
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Tradition holds that King David, shown here in a stained glass window in St. Michael and All Angels Church in the United Kingdom, is among the authors of the psalms.

Healing power

Tradition says the 150 psalms in the book Tehillim, or Praises, were written by King David and some other well-known, wise men. Scholarship says ...
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Friends of a feather chavurah together

A small group of like-minded Jews: I like this Wikipedia definition of the Hebrew word chavurah, which comes from chaver, meaning friend or ...
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A questioning faith

It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to write a column called How to Jew when you are not a rabbi or a teacher and were not even born into the ...
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Modern Tallitot: Color them magnificent

Few garments associated with prayer are as recognizably Jewish as the tallit. And yet its exact, original appearance is a mystery. Torah commands ...
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