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How to Jew

Keeping the faith in wartime

In time of war — far from home, family and chicken soup — what helps a Jewish solider hold onto his identity? Looking for answers, and with ...
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Sacred space and graven images

The first time I took my Jewish children to a Catholic church, I didn’t think to prepare them. Statues with bleeding hearts and paintings of ...
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Deep-seeded connections

When we think about special foods to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, apples and honey always seem to top the menu. But where among the new year’s daily ...
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What’s in a name?

Because I became a Jew as an adult, I got to (had to) choose a Hebrew name for myself. It was hard. I’d been drawn to Judaism by the way the ...
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Taking God on vacation

When you head out on the road, if you are like me, it seems that any old thing can happen. Too often when we get on a plane, a train or buckle up ...
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