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A (future) doctor in the house

Natalie Yakobian / New Community Jewish High School Natalie Yakobian is only 18, but she’s already seen someone’s heart being restarted and ...
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Student has a vision for her field

Jordana Gotlieb / Milken Community Schools After years of hard work, Milken Community Schools senior Jordana Gotlieb has created a unique, ...
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High-tech, higher learning at Heschel Day School

There’s something innovative and inspiring happening in Room 214 at Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School in Northridge. Moving beyond a traditional ...
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How Jewish-based education helps prepare our sons for life

Raising three boys to be well-rounded, menschy men isn’t easy, and I admit to making one or two mistakes (per hour) in my efforts to guide my sons toward actions that reflect soulfulness, integrity and compassion.
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Benjamin de Toledo: Leap of Faith to excellence

For Benjamin de Toledo, a senior at New Community Jewish High School (NCJHS) in West Hills, the key to success is simple: hard work.
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