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Isarose: A flower shop with a Hollywood pedigree

One expects a flower shop to smell as good as it looks, and Isarose does not disappoint. The fragrant aroma of roses, peonies and other colorful ...
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Jewish professionals network, talk shop at shul

Forget the gold watch for 50 years of service at one firm. For many baby boomers and Gen X-ers, starting one’s own business has become more of a ...
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Student Startups

Many entrepreneurs go to college and business school before setting out to build their own companies. Some students from Milken Coummunity High ...
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Earlier Is Better for College Savings

Devin Lucarelli is only a few months old, but she already has savings for college. Her parents aren’t wealthy, and the money wouldn’t cover ...
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At Home in the Valley

On television and in the real world, this duo is selling the American dream Josh Altman, left, and brother Matthew Altman are on TV’s “Mil...
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