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Bat Mitzvah Clubs International shows girls the deeper aspects of rite of passage

When a girl approaches her bat mitzvah age, she might be thinking about the lavish party she’s going to have, the friends she plans to invite and ...
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A Novel Idea

When Robyn Strumpf was a child, she had trouble learning how to read.
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Fore Kids

Young golfer’s project shares his passion for the sport with other youngsters Ethan Davidson Ethan Davidson estimates that he was only 5 or ...
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Room for One More

Encouraging inclusion at b’nai mitzvah can be part of a teen’s transition from child to adult For many teens, a bar or bat mitzvah is ...
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Bringing Good Works to a Rite of Passage

Ilana Degann, an articulate young lady with an electric smile, has been decorating baseball caps for charity since she was 7 years old. "My ...
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