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Racism in the Jewish Society

The Jews fell victims to racism for long years. For long centuries and decades, the anti-Semitism resulted in a lot of hardships that we had to endure. From ethnic crimes, hate speech, assault, discrimination and genocides, we as Jews know more about racism than any other nation in the world. The Jewish nation in Mt. Sinai was a diverse one and this is one of the main reasons why it became so strong. We always took pride in our diversity and understood how our differences got us closer.

But the truth is that as part of the American society we are still dealing with discrimination. Jews are being discriminated based on their country of origin or skin color. These are all factors that no human being has control over. Nevertheless, they strongly determine how successful a human being might be at blending with the rest of the society.

We need to give to our hands to those who are suffering from discrimination and racism regardless of their faith and beliefs. People in the USA are always asked where they are coming from and by this question the person who is asking doesn’t necessarily mean the state of origin. They mostly mean where their ancestors are coming from. The features of the person play a big role in giving the person a chance to become part of a group. Sometimes Jews of color have to endure hate speech that is told in the form of jokes just because they don’t strike other people as Jews. The truth is that the Jewish faith lies deep in the heart and should have nothing to do with how the person looks.

We strongly hope that the new generations will be able to overcome the stereotypes that crafted dark stages of our history. We all look forward to a unified Jewish community that doesn’t separate people on any basis. We wish to relive the Golden Age of our ancestors where Israel was one unified nation.

Most of the members of the new generation are disconnected from their Jewish roots. However, some of the Jewish families still care that their children learn Hebrew in order to stay in touch with their legacy. We strongly believe that this is an excellent opportunity to learn about our glorious past that should live in the new generation.

It is all about educating people. We need to focus on teaching the real meanings of the Torah to the new generation who think that they are outdated. We believe that our teachings are what we need to stay unified and successful until the end of time. Our culture and nationality don’t have to divide us. Being American doesn’t mean that we have to give up our Jewish identity.

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