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Rachel Heller Zaimont


The write words

My father rarely wrote anything down. Take birthday cards, for example: While my mother would embellish the printed message with sweet, loving ...
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Teach, That They May Learn

This fall, Crenshaw High School valedictorian Christerbell Ahaiwe will start her freshman year at UCLA. What her new classmates might not realize ...
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Camp Plants Seeds That Let Kids Bloom

In school growing up, I was “the shy one.”
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The Bravery of Parenthood

The first time I met Leah Esquenazi, she was nestled beneath a tangle of tubes and wires...
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Being Fruitful

A few weeks before I got married this past September, another, just-as-rare event occurred: My extended family visited from Haifa. Yaron and Edna ...
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