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Is Momtrepreneurs the New Big Thing?

New moms are often faced with a struggle after returning back to work. Most of the time their maternity leave is unpaid which pushes them to quickly sacrifice spending quality time with their newborns. As a matter of fact, a lot of people strongly believe that the working environment is not lactating-mothers friendly. They usually have to deal with inflexible hours and improper lactating areas if they are even allowed to bring their babies to work. However, most mothers agree that the tradeoff between spending time with their babies and returning to an unforgiving work environment is not totally worth it.

Most moms and women strongly believe that it is time to make their own rules. While returning to a big company might promise better career opportunities, most women are now looking forward to starting their own companies that will secure the financial stability they aspire for while securing the family life that they wish to have.

Momtrepreneurs are not new to the Jewish community. After the big war, most families ended up with women as their sole breadwinners. This forced Jewish women to get to the market if they wanted to secure decent lives for their families. With no savings and lack of support, they mainly had to depend on their commercial and social talents to help them start and maintain a business that would provide a steady flow of income.

Every year, creative women hold an annual summit called: In Good Company. This is mainly concerned with mothers who are looking for a practical business advice and the ability to network with other women who think alike.

Women believe that being in a supportive environment where they can meet with other mothers who share the same circumstances is a big plus. Having a family and caring for it is no longer considered an obstacle. As a matter of fact, it is a great opportunity to explore new territories and discover something new about one’s self.

Katie Hintz-Zambrano, co-founder of “Mother” a mothers-friendly website, thinks that women can greatly benefit from the advice they can get from other people who are experiencing the same challenges. Starting a business while caring for babies, can be an isolating experience for new moms who are still struggling with getting everything in order. Women can write down the names of other attendees, make new friends and probably hook up with new business partners.

Although there are a lot of lifestyle conferences held every year in America, there are not many targeting this special demographic; mothers who aspire to become entrepreneurs. This often leaves women feeling left out and unable to share or reflect on their personal experiences.

Since the business-owning mom is a growing demographic in the country, we expect and hope to see more of these conferences held to offer specialist advice to women who strongly need it.

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