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The Jewish Identity in the USA

The American Jews are strongly connected to their Jewish roots and are always proud of their Jewish identity. But over the years the Jewish identity has changed in the American society. 20% of the new generation says that they have no religion and are not following the Jewish traditional religious beliefs.

Since the late 50s of the 20th century, the number of religious Americans has declined and continues to decrease every year. The Jews born in the 60s and 70s had more sense of belonging to the religion with almost 74% of them confirming that they are Jews by birth and practice. The Millennial generation mostly describes themselves as atheists or agonists which is currently the trend among other Americans of different religious beliefs at birth. In the American society now almost 20% of the population are distancing themselves from all sorts of religious practices, with the Jews acting as part of that population.

The right to be free from religion or secularism is a strong trend in the modern American society, where people tend to view religious beliefs as outdated. Today, most adults don’t necessarily believe in God but strongly believe in ethics and following the rules of the community. The issue has a major effect on the lobbying of Jews especially outside Israel who don’t necessarily relate to the hardships faced in the Promised Land.

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