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How You Can Measure Your SEO Success

While it is important that you have an SEO strategy and implement it, you also need to know how to measure your SEO success. There is no point in having an SEO strategy in place when you do not know if it is working or not. To measure your success, you should look at certain metrics which you should have a benchmark for when you implement your SEO strategy.

Your Rankings

The most obvious metric to use to measure your SEO success is your keyword rankings. Studies have shown that website listed on the first page of Google will get around 92% of the traffic share for the search. This is why you have to know if your SEO strategy is actively helping your rankings.

There are a number of tools that you can use to track where your website is ranked for certain search terms. If you see an improvement in the rankings, you will know that your SEO strategy is working. However, if you do not see any movement, this could show that the strategy is not working.

Of course, you will need to consider each keyword on its own when you look at this. If one keyword is not showing any improvement, but there are others that are, the problem could be with that keyword. The keyword could be too competitive or too generic for your SEO strategy to have an impact. How you will be Finding The Best Marketing Companies St Petersburg FL .

The Traffic To Your Website

Another good way to determine if your SEO strategy is successful is to look at the traffic you are getting to the website. There are a number of factors that you have to look at when evaluating the traffic that you get. You should look at the traffic volume, but you should also assess the quality of the traffic that you get.

When you have a successful SEO strategy, you will be getting more traffic from organic search results. This increase will generally happen over time and you will not be able to see an increase immediately. The increase in your traffic will depend on your target audience because larger audiences will have larger traffic increases.

You should also consider the quality of the traffic that you are getting. Measuring the quality of your traffic will be harder than the volume because you will have to look at the number of pages each visitor views, the average visit duration, and the bounce rate. Each of these metrics will tell you about the quality and help you see if you are getting quality traffic that will actually help your business.

If you have a high bounce rate, it means that the content you provide is not what the visitor is looking for and this will impact your SEO success. If there is only one page viewed by the visitors, this could mean that you are not navigating them correctly or that you are not showing them related content. You need to look at visitors going to different pages because the longer they are on your website the more likely you are to convert them to a customer. Click on https://scottkeeverseo.com/clearwater-seo/ .

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