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Summer … Unplugged

Once upon a time not so long ago, notes like the one above were delivered by snail mail and were the only form of communication between a sleep-away camper and her parents.
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The Family That Plays Together

Summer camp isn’t just a place for kids. Ask Lori Brockman, a mother of two who recently took part in a family camp in Malibu.
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Your Mom Away From Mom

She might not make you matzah ball soup, but camp mom does provide emotional solace to homesick campers.
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Celebrate Israel Festival (2)-COVER

Welcome to Little Israel

For a little slice of Israel, look no farther than the Valley There’s nothing worse than feeling homesick, especially when home is more than ...
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Guarding the body of Judaism

From Ben-Gurion to Israeli beachgoers, Aaron Friedman has made a life of saving others.
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