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Don Randi Still Cooking

Don Randi still manages to amaze us with his psychic powers. In 2014, a show was made about Don Randi’s mysterious life; a man who spent his entire life focusing on entertaining us and giving us something to think about.

There is no doubt that James Randi has special powers, but understanding and comprehending those powers is not an easy task. If he can’t share the secrets of his magic tricks with the audience, a lot of people still remain to be skeptical of what he can and can’t do. He doesn’t provide real answers but keeps you wondering about the true powers of the human mind. Can telepathy be a real thing? Randi doesn’t offer an answer to that question but he will surely give you some entertaining time while you are trying to figure out the answer on your own.

In the documentary made about his life; An Honest Liar, the movie makers try to debunk the tricks he has played on his unsuspecting audience for more than 7 decades. Nobody can forget the incident where he survived a straitjacket dangling over Niagara Falls or the time he ruined the act for Israeli mentalist Uri Geller. Although a lot of people strongly believe that he simply runs a group of some smart scams, Randi has a lot of fans and supporters. He has been decorated in the scientific societies of USA, Switzerland, and Belgium. There is even an asteroid that has been named after him. As a matter of fact, the Russians were so suspicious of him that they prevented the American astronaut Ed Lu from bringing his cards on board of a spaceship. Nevertheless, Randi managed to run a successful trick in the White House with the help of Betty Ford and in front of an audience of secret agents.

James Randi, originally known as Randall Zwinge, is a common name that appeared in entertainment magazines of the 30s and 40s. He started his mentalist acts in Toronto and soon managed to amaze the Canadian audience which encouraged him to seek better career opportunities by exploring the world.

He would always end his tricks saying that ESP doesn’t exist and that his tricks are not supernatural. But his audience wouldn’t agree. He was even disturbed by the fact that his audience believed so much in his supernatural powers especially after World War 2. As he toured Europe, he managed to visit spiritualist camps in Germany where mentalists and mediums attracted war survivors who were trying to contact with their loved ones who passed away. Such practices raised a lot of ethical questions because people would spend a lot of money under the belief that they are actually establishing contact with their deceased family members. Randi didn’t engage in such practices and actually feels bad for the people who fell victims to such illusions.

Ever since he was 12, Randi would never admit the secrets to his tricks which helped him build his reputation as an illusionist and mentalist. Until now, a lot of people believe that he possesses special powers that can make him tell what others really think.

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