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Gathering August 2014

1) ZELDA KLEIN, 92, seated in center, was surrounded by family at the Los Angeles Jewish Home’s annual Mother’s Day ...
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Breakfast Club

These war vets have been swapping stories at a fast-food restaurant for years Pictures of fighter jets and war memorabilia aren’t the typical ...
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Mining the ‘Golden Age’

Imagine downtown Los Angeles more than 150 years ago: dirt streets, rancheros in town picking up supplies, donkeys carrying sacks of cattle feed.
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Gathering: June/July 2014

1) A PAGEANT PUPPET, inspired by Igor Stravinsky’s “The Firebird,” entertained a young girl at the Skirball Cultural Center’s annual ...
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More than just a catchphrase

Unlike many Israelis who immigrated to the United States with dreams of making it big, Miri Shepher never wanted to leave her beloved homeland.
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