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‘Smart’ Phones

I was riding a crowded cable car in New Orleans when a mother with 2-year-old twins climbed on board. She squeezed herself into an open seat in ...
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Life Without Children: Having It All?

My house is quiet. Quiet and clean. My daughter just left (again) for college, and my son left for a three-night retreat with his high school ...
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The Sermon

If my calculations are correct, I have listened to somewhere between 70 and 80 High Holy Days sermons. The total sounds high, but when you ...
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How to Be a Hero

When I learned that the theme of this issue was “heroes,” I thought I should do some research. After several minutes of Googling, I realized ...
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What Dreams May Become

I was leaving a gym class when I ran into Other Mom Who I Know From a Long Time Ago But Haven’t Kept Up With. The conversation started off as, ...
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