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My Single Peeps


Elyse G.

Elyse, 43, is a freelancer for this magazine — but that doesn't mean she was coerced into being interviewed for My Single Peeps. At least as far ...
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Jeff O.

Photo by Joshua Plotke I mentioned to a friend that I interviewed a nice guy today and said, "You might know him. He's in casting." When I told ...
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Ilysa C.

Photo by Dan Pineda One of Ilysa’s favorite jobs was working at a coffee shop while she was in college. So it was fortuitous that I had her meet ...
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Rick S.

Rick S. Photo by Malina Saval At 48, Rick is a happy guy. He likes life. He likes smiling. He’s also a bit irritating to be around when you’re ...
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Robert P.

Photo by Malina Mindel As soon as Robert sits down, his gaze continually shifts from the window to me. I make up reasons in my head: He's on the ...
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