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How to Jew


What’s in a name?

Because I became a Jew as an adult, I got to (had to) choose a Hebrew name for myself. It was hard. I’d been drawn to Judaism by the way the ...
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Taking God on vacation

When you head out on the road, if you are like me, it seems that any old thing can happen. Too often when we get on a plane, a train or buckle up ...
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Looking skyward, looking inward

Some 30 years ago, when Rabbi Karen Bender got her first pulpit, women congregants were eager to observe the rediscovered women’s holiday of Rosh ...
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How to Jew: Presents for Passover?

Above: The bracelet the author gave to his wife for Passover. Photo by Edmon J. Rodman What do we wear to celebrate the Exodus from Egypt? ...
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Tradition holds that King David, shown here in a stained glass window in St. Michael and All Angels Church in the United Kingdom, is among the authors of the psalms.

Healing power

Tradition says the 150 psalms in the book Tehillim, or Praises, were written by King David and some other well-known, wise men. Scholarship says ...
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