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How to Jew


Prayer On the Road

As a boy in Chicago, my husband was told that a Jew can go to shul anywhere in the world and feel at home. Many years later, feeling decidedly not ...
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49 days of blessings

Some people feel that Passover involves more than enough religious ritual for one season.
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What Makes This Book Different From (Most) Other Books?

Maybe it is appropriate that books created by the People of the Book are just as complex and varied as the people themselves.
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Obligations Without Measure

I want to go to the friend who is sick or lonely or in trouble. I want very much to know that I can help, in some way, to relieve the suffering of ...
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100 blessings daily?

Start with 1 Science, and our mouthy friend the Internet, tell us frequently that slowing down, paying attention and being grateful will make us ...
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