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A questioning faith

It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to write a column called How to Jew when you are not a rabbi or a teacher and were not even born into the ...
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Holy midrash, Batman!

I’ve always loved art in all its forms. I have a thing for Jews who rock, for example, and for Jews who mime, like Marcel Marceau (but we don’t ...
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Modern Tallitot: Color them magnificent

Few garments associated with prayer are as recognizably Jewish as the tallit. And yet its exact, original appearance is a mystery. Torah commands ...
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Food for thought

The most inspiring philanthropist I know also happens to be one of the youngest. He wears Captain America underwear, snuggles with a Beanie Baby ...
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Wear I’ve been

Joseph had a coat of many colors; I have a sweatshirt of many patches. I haven’t worn it in years — it dates back to when I was in elementary ...
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