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Rustic Thankgiving Dinner

The festive meal and modern life

After the flurry of fall holidays, it may seem that the months between Sukkot and Passover lack opportunities for Jews to get together to eat, but ...
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Hope is where the heart is

I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy, so it was hard for me to admit that my father, who was forgetting things and not acting like himself, wasn’t ...
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Spare change

I recently decided it was time to have The Talk with my son. He is nearly 6, after all, and had started to ask questions. Questions like: “Can ...
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Keeping the faith in wartime

In time of war — far from home, family and chicken soup — what helps a Jewish solider hold onto his identity? Looking for answers, and with ...
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A fabulous sports flop

My career as an athlete is undistinguished. I have no trophies, no medals, not even a ribbon to indicate one fleeting moment of greatness. That’s ...
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