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Racism in the Jewish Society

The Jews fell victims to racism for long years. For long centuries and decades, the anti-Semitism resulted in a lot of hardships that we had to endure. From ethnic crimes, hate speech, assault, discrimination and genocides, we as Jews know more about racism than any other nation in the world. …

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Don Randi Still Cooking

Don Randi still manages to amaze us with his psychic powers. In 2014, a show was made about Don Randi’s mysterious life; a man who spent his entire life focusing on entertaining us and giving us something to think about. There is no doubt that James Randi has special powers, …

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The Jewish Choir Gives Those With Special Needs Something to Sing About

Music is the number one universal language that can bring people together. Children with special needs are very lucky to have access to the KolotTikvah; also known as Voices of hope. This Jewish choir functions based on the fact that all children are talented and special in their own way. …

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The American Jewish Cuisine

Whenever you hear the word Jewish Food, images of Middle Eastern dishes like hummus, falafel, and couscous might pop to your mind. But with 40% of the world’s Jews now living in the USA, we strongly believe that the American Jewish cuisine has become a unique category on its own. …

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