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Wendy Jaffe


Dinner for two, still thinking of you

My Empty Nest Preview lasted 18 days, 14 hours and 13 minutes when my son recently flew the coop for Israel as part of a school-sponsored student exchange program.
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Pvt. Jaffe and the Navy SEALs

There were about 200 of us civilians, plus another dozen Navy SEALs, on an otherwise deserted San Diego beach.
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A Goliath Parenting Mistake

If you are a woman who grew up in the Valley in the ’70s, you probably owned Dittos jeans. They came in blue, of course, but they were also sold ...
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‘Smart’ Phones

I was riding a crowded cable car in New Orleans when a mother with 2-year-old twins climbed on board. She squeezed herself into an open seat in ...
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Life Without Children: Having It All?

My house is quiet. Quiet and clean. My daughter just left (again) for college, and my son left for a three-night retreat with his high school ...
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