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Ryan E. Smith


A fabulous sports flop

My career as an athlete is undistinguished. I have no trophies, no medals, not even a ribbon to indicate one fleeting moment of greatness. That’s ...
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‘Food Truck Race’ winner spices up L.A. with The Middle Feast truck

Tommy Marudi faced some serious challenges last year as a contestant on the Food Network reality series “The Great Food Truck Race.” There ...
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Sincerely sorry … seriously

Our mission at this time of year is clear — reflect and repent! But how exactly we should go about doing so is not. After all, as Elton John ...
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High Holy Days: The power of forgiveness

The High Holy Days are a time for planting spiritual seeds. When it comes to forgiveness — both granting and seeking it — we hope ...
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Me and Mrs. Brontosaurus

(Above) The author as a kindergartener in 1981. I still remember my first day of school — and how it went wrong from the very beginning. I was ...
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