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Ryan E. Smith


Hope is where the heart is

I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy, so it was hard for me to admit that my father, who was forgetting things and not acting like himself, wasn’t ...
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Send your taste buds to ‘Tel Aviv’

There are plenty of choices in the San Fernando Valley for Israelis looking for a taste of home. Grocery stores are stocked with halvah and Bamba ...
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Spare change

I recently decided it was time to have The Talk with my son. He is nearly 6, after all, and had started to ask questions. Questions like: “Can ...
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Pizza Mizza pies hit the spot with toppings galore

Farnaz Youshei, 32, contemplated a number of careers over her lifetime, but none of them had anything to do with her family’s kosher pizza ...
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A fabulous sports flop

My career as an athlete is undistinguished. I have no trophies, no medals, not even a ribbon to indicate one fleeting moment of greatness. That’s ...
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