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Judy Zeidler


Lunch box challenge: Packing a fun meal for junior

(Above) Tuna Salad Sandwich Photos by Morgan Lieberman. Food preparation and styling by Judy Zeidler If you have children in school, you know ...
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Fire up the grill this year for a delicious Father’s Day

Nationwide, there are all sorts of activities to celebrate Father’s Day, different ways to honor the hard work of dads and their contribution to ...
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Potluck gold: A family steps up to the plate for mother’s day

Mother’s Day is the traditional celebration honoring all the mothers in the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of ...
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Passover Orange Sponge Cake. Photos by Dan Kacvinski. Food preparation and styling by Judy Zeidler

Ancient story, modern meal: Traditional Passover seder gets an update

We began receiving e-mails and telephone calls in early January from family members and friends asking to be included in one of our annual Passover ...
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Prepare a Purim meal worthy of Queen Esther

What makes the holiday of Purim so special for our family is more than the heroic story of Queen Esther. These days, our celebration wouldn’t be ...
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