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Evan Henerson


Shmoozing With Ione Skye

Leave it to a fickle pooch to spark a memory that would propel Ione Skye from actress to children’s author.
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Santa Barbara’s Ensemble Theatre Company undergoes a metamorphosis at New Vic Theatre

The 2001 collapse of the Twin Towers coincided with the arrival of an important new play.
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All That Jazz: Shoshana Bush is in a New York State of Mind

Shoshana Bush / Photo by Annette Lanzarotta Shoshana Bush needed more than half a year, innumerable hours of the usual blood, sweat and ...
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Ambassador of Hope

A long-time correspondence between Anne Frank’s father and a Valley girl continues to inspire readers Cara Wilson-Granat appeared in June at ...
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Adam Gardner of Guster

It Takes an Eco-Village

Environmentally conscious band Guster and founder Adam Gardner prep for their kids-in-tow ‘Summer’ tour “You know I have a Chanukah band, ...
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