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Elyse Glickman

Malibu Wine Safari: Where Merlot and giraffes meet

Almost 20 years after Ron Semler, now 72, planted the first seeds for his family’s wine business, he decided it was time to take a walk on the ...
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Six tips for making a marriage last

Every wedding is meant to lead to a fulfilling, long-term partnership, and nobody understands this better than Rabbi Gary Oren, vice president and ...
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feat-Barkan Special Reserve group

Uncork the secret to good kosher wines for your wedding

So, you’ve popped the question and are ready to get married. But what bottle will you pop at the reception? Deciding on a good kosher wine might ...
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Rethinking the ‘Birthright’ for a different generation

Birthright trips to Israel are the ultimate opportunity for young Jewish adults to get face-to-face with the places and history that shape their ...
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Scoping out the senior scene

Why take Max Izenberg’s advice on what’s going on around town? Because the retired nutritionist knows what’s good for you. Izenberg built ...
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