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Ayala Or-El

Woman finds inspiration from a mother who hoarded

Malka Nedivi is known for her huge sculptures — roughly hewn, sometimes eerie figures that can reach up to 10 feet high — and collage paintings ...
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When Michal Sayas saw families in need, she sprang into action

Michal Sayas remembers all too well those days when she couldn’t afford a peach at the supermarket. Today, she could buy the entire store — and ...
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Exploring the literary landscape

Couple inspired by favorite books, movies for travel destinations About 20 years ago, Eddie Levin decided to take a special voyage, inspired by ...
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From dream to reality: Inventing the new stand-up paddle board

Shlomo “Sol” Lazarovitz, 63, isn’t your typical inventor. He spends his days fixing clogged bathroom fixtures and broken water pipes. ...
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Crystal-covered, convertible poolside fashion

In a town where wearing the same outfit twice — even months apart — is frowned upon, Sigal Benabou created a solution: reversible-print, ...
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