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What Do American Jews Really Want?

Unlike what the majority thinks, the average American Jew is not a single-issue voter who only cares about the welfare of Israel. But this is only one of the various misconceptions about us, the Jews in the USA.

It is true that Israel is extremely important to us. We care about what is going on in the Promised Land and think about the day where there will be no military conflict so that our brothers and sisters can finally enjoy living in peace. But this is not the only thing we think about. As a matter of fact, we do consider ourselves part of the International Jewish nation but don’t necessarily agree with most of the Israeli’s political decisions.

In the past Jewish voters were naturally inclined towards picking the presidential candidate who has a policy that favors Israel all the way. But in the recent decades, American Jews started to pay more attention to the bigger picture. It is what matters to America in the first place.

Right before the elections, there were speculations that the Jewish Americans will vote for the candidate who has a stronger pro-Israel policy. But the truth is that only 4% of the Jewish cared the most about how things turn out in Israel. Almost most of the voters were concerned with the domestic issues that have a direct effect on our lives in the USA. The most important issue was the economic development. We are deeply concerned about the imposing of new taxes and the increasing rate of unemployment as we mostly care about securing decent lives for our families.

We are also extremely upset about the increasing gap between the rich and the poor where we struggle to maintain a decent living standard. The majority of the voters were also concerned about choosing the presidential candidate that offered better plans for medical care. Paying special attention to medical insurance, unemployment and tax rates is what drove the votes of the Americans, regardless of their ethnicity and religious beliefs. The voters were also worried about new policies towards immigration and refugees, where they mostly come from countries that have political and military conflicts with Israel.

This means that although we strongly identify with our Jewish roots, we are strongly attached to our American present and future. We are happy to see that America still remains to be Israel’s biggest ally. But we understand that it is our welfare as Americans living in the American society comes first as it is directly related to our lives and those of our children and grandchildren.

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