From the Editor


Wear I've been

  • ryan-smith
  • Oct 01 2014
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Joseph had a coat of many colors; I have a sweatshirt of many patches. I haven’t worn it in years — it dates ... Read More

Around Town

gath-KT Family Fun Night 8

Gathering: Family Shabbat Blowout and more

  • virginia-isaad
  • Oct 01 2014
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1) TEMPLE KOL TIKVAH hosted Family Shabbat Blowout for more than 200 people, who participated in activities such as ... Read More



Paintings by Stanley Silver decorate the new Levi’s Stadium

  • leslee-komaiko
  • Sep 30 2014
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Despite being born and raised in Los Angeles, Stanley Silver is a die-hard Chicago Bears fan. But this year, the ... Read More

Dining In


Celebrate Sukkot with autumn’s colorful fruits, veggies and grains

  • judy-zeidler
  • Sep 30 2014
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Sukkot is known as the Jewish Thanksgiving. It offers thanks for a bountiful autumn harvest of fruits, vegetables, ... Read More

Tribe Life

Festival of Lights deluxe

Modern Bite cookies merge contemporary flair and flavor

  • jessica-ritz
  • Oct 01 2014
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There can be little doubt that Greg Roth believes in intelligent design — when it comes to cookies. A graduate of ... Read More