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Wear I've been

  • ryan-smith
  • Oct 01 2014
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Joseph had a coat of many colors; I have a sweatshirt of many patches. I haven’t worn it in years — it dates ... Read More

Around Town

gath-KT Family Fun Night 8

Gathering: Family Shabbat Blowout and more

  • virginia-isaad
  • Oct 01 2014
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1) TEMPLE KOL TIKVAH hosted Family Shabbat Blowout for more than 200 people, who participated in activities such as ... Read More



Paintings by Stanley Silver decorate the new Levi’s Stadium

  • leslee-komaiko
  • Sep 30 2014
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Despite being born and raised in Los Angeles, Stanley Silver is a die-hard Chicago Bears fan. But this year, the ... Read More

Dining In

Lemon pound cake and lemon ice. Photos by Dan Kacvinski, food preparation and styling by Judy Zeidler.

Celebrate Sukkot with autumn’s colorful fruits, veggies and grains

  • judy-zeidler
  • Sep 30 2014
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Sukkot is known as the Jewish Thanksgiving. It offers thanks for a bountiful autumn harvest of fruits, vegetables, ... Read More

Tribe Life

Festival of Lights deluxe

Modern Bite cookies merge contemporary flair and flavor

  • jessica-ritz
  • Oct 01 2014
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There can be little doubt that Greg Roth believes in intelligent design — when it comes to cookies. A graduate of ... Read More