From the Editor


Holy midrash, Batman!

  • ryan-smith
  • Nov 26 2014
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I’ve always loved art in all its forms. I have a thing for Jews who rock, for example, and for Jews who mime, like ... Read More

Around Town


Nonprofit program combines tradition, values and fun for Sephardic teens

  • karmel-melamed
  • Dec 01 2014
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Who knew that playing paintball and taking trips to the Santa Monica Pier could be so … Jewish? Since 1998, mixing ... Read More



A Jewish guide to holiday movies

  • gerri-miller
  • Dec 01 2014
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There’s a wealth of Jewish talent onscreen and behind the camera in the diverse array of movies coming to theaters ... Read More

Dining In


Make your Chanukah party one for the ages with a menu for everyone

  • judy-zeidler
  • Nov 24 2014
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Chanukah is not just for children, but usually they have most of the fun. They open presents, light candles during ... Read More

Tribe Life


Shopping: Holiday glitz and glam

  • julie-bien
  • Dec 01 2014
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Sparkle and shine your way through Chanukah and New Year’s Eve parties this year. Whether you’re going to a fancy ... Read More