From the Editor


Spare change

  • ryan-smith
  • Nov 03 2015
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I recently decided it was time to have The Talk with my son. He is nearly 6, after all, and had started to ask ... Read More

Around Town

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War and remembrance

  • andrewh
  • Nov 06 2015
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In 2010, I began a project to photograph local Jewish veterans living in the San Fernando Valley. I had come to know ... Read More



Songs in the key of Nero

  • rick-schultz
  • Nov 03 2015
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It may be hard to believe there was a time when George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue,” now a durable fixture of ... Read More

Dining In


A side of Thanksgiving: Vegan and vegetarian dishes to try

  • judy-zeidler
  • Nov 03 2015
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In some ways, I’m pretty traditional when it comes to my family’s Thanksgiving Day meal: I like to plan a lot of ... Read More

Tribe Life


Shopping: Letter perfect

  • julie-bien
  • Nov 03 2015
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In an age of emails, texts and social media, there’s still something special about receiving a handwritten letter ... Read More